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Create Your Own Website With Joomla

Joomla  installation

The First Step is to download the 1.5 (latest stable) release from, then we have to  download and install XAMPP on Linux from  XAMPP comes with the MySQL database and Apache Web server, which will be used to run Joomla. We have to follow the XAMPP installation and operational instructions from the site as it is outside the scope of this article. Then we have to extract the downloaded Joomla zip file into the <xampp installed folder>/htdocs/www directory.

Start  Xampp

Starting  MySQL and Apache Web server services in XAMPP. Enter the following URL in the browser:


The Joomla installation page must come up as shown in Figure 1. Here are the configuration steps.

Step 1: Language: We have to select the language of your choice and click Next, located on the top right corner of the Web page.

Step 2: Pre-installation Check: Then we make sure that there is a Yes next to each item. If No appears next to any item, you will have to take the necessary action to correct the problem. If all the pre-requisites are met, we click on Next.

Step 3: Licence: Accept the licence and click on Next.

Step 4: Database: This is where we need to specify our database details. We will follow these steps to create a database for our Joomla Installation:

  • First download  phpMyAdmin.
  • Then extract it in <xampp installed folder>